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Best-selling Designer Belts for Women in 2019

Best Selling Designer Belts for Women in 2019 - Featured Image

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Belts are conspicuous outfit accents whether they’re subtle narrow ones or statement pieces around your waist that demands to be looked at. They’re always useful for those irresistible bottoms you bought 2 sizes larger when everything else in your size were sold out. But sometimes, belts just work for boring outfits that need a little help and pizzazz.

If you’re a girl in need of new ways to add character to your looks but don’t want to break the bank on new clothes, here are 7 belts that are ultimate must-haves in your closet.

Gucci Belts



Price: US$420.00
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For a day, try counting the number of women you see wearing a wide black belt with a huge buckle. Unless you live in a town of only hundreds, you’re bound to see at least one that falls under this category. That’s because every woman needs a standard black belt that makes a statement for them when times are rough or busy, and they can’t be bothered making explicit fashion choices in the morning. At best though, your creative energy buzzes when it comes time you dress it up.

  1. GUCCI Embellished leather belt

GUCCI Embellished leather belt

Price: US$700.00
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If you’re a girly type, a wide black belt and a huge buckle might be too edgy for your light and dainty clothes. Gucci, being the versatile and experimental brand that they are, delivers by adding pearl embellishments on the symbol on their signature black belt to better match your stuff. Alongside lace, chiffon, or silk, the leather and the buckle can only enhance and represent what a soft-but-tough personality you have.

  1. GUCCI Web belt with G buckle

GUCCI Web belt with G buckle

Price: US$400.00
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Seeing red and green would make you think of Christmas. But upon darkening those bright shades, you get Gucci’s signature colors. On this belt they’re striped along the canvas band, only halted by black leather that surrounds the symbol with one inverted G. It somehow just works best on faded blue denim – it makes a chic weekend uniform.



Price: US$390.00
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The horsebit detail isn’t new; you’ve seen it sitting on top of loafers, usually on black ones as a pop of silver or gold hardware. But this is probably the first you’ve seen it on a belt. That’s Gucci for you; they add unconventional details where you least expect them, and somehow the output becomes more charming in all the unique ways. This red number from them also has a buckle that you position at the back, for a change.

  1. GUCCI snake buckle belt

GUCCI snake buckle belt

Price: US$550.00
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Remember how the black belt is a transformative tool in fashion? Gucci took it up a notch with their belt that features not their double-G symbol, but the pattern that almost all including men recognize. It’s etched along the leather band and enclosed with a rectangular metal fastening that features a snake and the label’s name. Wrapped on top of a structured trouser, this will make a tough-looking woman out of you.



Price: US$795.00
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Who could resist a belt that looks like a piece of jewelry? Gucci’s gold chain belt carries pearls and their bee motif that also acts as a fastening. On days you feel like wearing a suit to work, leave a dainty and feminine touch with this belt. Or use it as a necklace wrapped twice on your neck on fancier events.

  1. GUCCI Snake buckle belt

GUCCI Snake buckle belt

Price: US$830.00
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Unless you live in a big city where seeing unconventional outfits or even avant-garde costumes is a daily occurrence, you’ll probably receive weird looks of disbelief from strangers at the street for wearing bell-bottoms when skinny pants are on-trend. Eccentricity in fashion isn’t exactly what’s expected, but it’s always exciting. If you ask us, we encourage an experimental attitude towards dressing; and with that, we recommend this Gucci belt. What looks like flowers and leaves embroidery complements the realistic gold snake buckle that, aside from projecting rough vintage, also gives off an unapologetic approach to all second glances headed your way.

Alexander McQueen Belts

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN bow front belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN bow front belt

Price: US$895.00
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Starting from a bold piece, we sure you’re gushing about the beautiful luscious red hue of this bow detailed belt. Adorned with a huge bow at the front, you sure won’t get snubbed by any man as you walk around the room, wearing this over a lovely dress.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN studded belt


Price: US$675.00
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You know that every glam girl loves her studs, and what better way to show them off by having them in your chunky belt? Alexander McQueen combines the medieval inspiration of the silver-tone studs to the modern sophisticated look of studs and completed it by throwing in a square buckle and high quality leather into the mix.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Sequined leather belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Sequined leather belt

Price: US$645.00
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Another detail that a fashion-lover truly adores is this: SEQUINS. But with the way Alexander McQueen used these design elements to create this belt, the sequins have become highly irresistible with the metal stud effect they have… taking us back to the medieval times, the theme of the collection where this belt is a part of. Pretty cool, right?

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN embellished belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN embellished belt

Price: US$1,895.00
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Stones and crystals serve as the main elements of the beautiful facade this belt has. Mixing these two with embroidery cemented the artistic quality of this piece, something you’d be proud to wear around your waist on every occasion and every outfit.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Patent-leather belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Patent-leather belt

Price: US$595.00
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This belt’s charm stems from its sleek form and the patent leather material used to elevate the design of this piece. An equally beautiful red contrast stitching completes the look, making this belt the perfect accessory to complement your red and black outfit.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN bejewelled belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN bejewelled belt

Price: US$1,095.00
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Moving on to another stunning belt from the label, this bejewelled belt has been crafted to a standard of perfection, with the utmost quality that the brand is known for. It’s also in a bombshell color red, the perfect hue to represent your feisty-ness and edgy kind of beauty.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN square buckle belt

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN square buckle belt

Price: US$765.00
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A simply classy belt with a square buckle in gold-tone, Alexander McQueen’s belt will be your dependable belt to reach for every single time. Whenever you just want to secure the fit of your denim jeans, or spruce up a combo of shirts and trousers, you’ll have this belt to rely on, practically and fashion-wise.

Our Favorite Designer Belts

  1. Chloé Lovely Leather Belt

Chloé Lovely Leather Belt

Price: US$485.00
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Here’s a classic one. Chloé created their belt with soft leather that could withstand numerous times of wear. The gold buckle is just the right size to make it noticeable but not too much to take the attention away from the outfit. It’s also embossed with the brand’s logo, so you never forget where you got this gorgeous little piece.

  1. Prada Glamorous Calf Hair Belt

Prada Glamorous Calf Hair Belt

Price: US$680.00
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From a simple one, we head straight to a similar piece but with a bit more of a character. This calf hair belt in soft baby pink from Prada’s Fall 2017 collection is a stunner. Aside from the obvious detail, it’s also polished with an antique gold buckle. Wear this with something in a contrasting color or a different texture to make your outfit even more of a stand-out.

  1. Isabel Marant Lecce Black Leather Belt

Isabel Marant Lecce Black Leather Belt

Price: US$120.00
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Isabel Marant’s Lecce black belt is an interesting number that will make anyone look over twice. It’s made with black calf leather and has no buckles, clips, or any kind of metal fastening. Instead, it’s inserted through a wide opening on the other end and looped in on itself. The result—a stunningly unique accent that does the job stylishly well.

  1. Gucci Beautiful Studded Women’s Leather Belt

Gucci Beautiful Studded Women’s Leather Belt

Price: US$595.00
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If you want to stand out, Gucci should be your go-to. Excellently designed and made, their leather belt is studded with antique brass and has an eye-catching gold star buckle to match. Their logo is engraved in the center, as always. Wear this with the classic black jeans and white shirt combo, and you’re good to go.

  1. Gucci Embellished Black Leather Glamorized Belt

Gucci Embellished Black Leather Glamorized Belt

Price: US$750.00
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Here’s Gucci’s other take on the leather belt. This one’s just as striking as the last one, but definitely is more intriguing with various animal and insect figures all around its length, and Gucci’s infamous logo acting as the buckle. An ‘Alchemist’s Garden’ theme inspired this piece and though it’s a bit different, everything somehow works for the design. With age, one can imagine this piece becoming more fascinating as the wear and tear adds more personality.

  1. Saint Laurent Fashionable Leather and Python Belt

Saint Laurent Fashionable Leather and Python Belt

Price: US$1,201.00
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Belts can also make anything look more formal. Take it from this lamb leather belt from Saint Laurent. The crafted rose in the middle made from python adds a sweet and sophisticated touch to the all-black piece. It’s perfect to wrap around a blazer or dress for a subtle but impactful accent.

  1. Balmain Black Stylish Embellished Leather Belt

Balmain Black Stylish Embellished Leather Belt

Price: US$1,735.00
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Now this takes the belt game to another level. A bold Balmain is etched front and center in gold and black metal against black leather. It’s really more for making a statement than anything else because it can carry your whole outfit! Also, this is your chance to channel the inner rockstar in you.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA Leather-trimmed intarsia stretch-knit belt

DOLCE & GABBANA Leather-trimmed intarsia stretch-knit belt

Price: US$445.00
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You’ll love Dolce & Gabbana‘s belt because it’s far from your ordinary ones, for sure. A heart-shaped polished metal serves as the buckle fastening for this cool piece, adding more endearing character to it. Proudly wear it on your waist and parade it around town, everyone who’ll see you will know your good taste and fashion sense.

  1. Y/PROJECT Leather belt

YPROJECT Leather belt

Price: US$285.00
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Perfect for both casual and formal wear, Y/PROJECT‘S leather belt is a cool accessory that you can’t resist to wear all the time. Its sleek look is made even more gorgeous by the Y-buckle made from silver-tone metal, a nice complementary detail against the black leather. Choose you pick between jeans and trousers, you’ll sure look fine with either.

  1. VALENTINO Valentino Garavani The Rockstud leather belt

VALENTINO Valentino Garavani The Rockstud leather belt

Price: US$795.00
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While the design of Valentino‘s leather belt may seem traditional, its size definitely isn’t. This chunky accessory has a wide design, perfect to use when you want to accentuate your small waist. Take a good look at the buckle and you’ll know it’s a signature Valentino piece through the gorgeous rockstuds decorating it.

  1. ETRO Crystal and faux pearl-embellished gold-plated cord belt

ETRO Crystal and faux pearl-embellished gold-plated cord beltv

Price: US$620.00
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Definitely a luxurious looking piece, Etro‘s cord belt is a stunning accessory that will earn gazes from people around you. Made from gold-plated material, this piece is also adorned with pearls that add to the regal look of the belt. Get it fresh from the label’s Spring ’18 collection and you’ll have no regrets.

  1. MAGDA BUTRYM Leather belt

MAGDA BUTRYM Leather belt

Price: US$255.00
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If you want a pristine and mesmerizing look for you accessories, this gorgeous leather belt from Magda Butrym is an awesome piece that will give you that vibe. This item has silver detailing that makes this piece look like it came straight from the ’60s.

  1. LOEWE Anagram reversible leather waist belt

LOEWE Anagram reversible leather waist belt

Price: US$490.00
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Loewe’s belt is a straightforward accessory that don’t need to be loud to standout. The silver buckle with the iconic anagram detail is enough to make you swoon. This piece is great for both casual and business look, with an option to use either the black or navy blue side depending on your preference.

We picked out very diverse styles of belts that will cater to any kind of boldness you’d like to fashion. If you’re a shy one, hopefully seeing the statement belts challenged you to be daring. And if you’re on the other end and likes big, bold belts, there’s always a way to style simple ones that still makes a statement.

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