Here are 7 Beauty Resolutions You Should Be Making in 2019


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We’ve already welcomed 2019, but have you looked back properly on the beauty decisions you’ve made in 2018? Whether you’ve done greatly on your beauty regimen or not, we think the turn of the year gives a new opportunity to improve your beauty game. So just like how you are setting new goals for self-improvement in terms of career, hobbies, and other areas of personal life, we suggest you make some resolutions for the New Year in terms of beauty.


Clueless about what to improve for 2019? Don’t you worry. We’re here to give you an idea on what changes to make in terms of makeup, skin care and other beauty stuff. This way, you can claim that 2019 will be the best year for your complexion, makeup looks, and over all beauty.

Visit professionals more often for skin treatments.


While some of you might have been really committed in your skincare routine with the use of some of the best products out there, there’s really just something beneficial in leaving your skin to the hands of experts. No matter how good your skin condition is, it’s still bound to improve with the different options of skincare services available nowadays, like micro-needling, LED light therapy, chemical peels, or oxygen facials.

Drink more water.


Yes, that’s right. Drink more water! And this isn’t just a health resolution like you’re used to, but also a beauty decision you should consciously monitor every single day. The effect of drinking more water shows in how plump, glowy and beautiful your skin is. Try it this year and you’ll see what we mean.

Sleep longer hours.


Another “health resolution” that will totally benefit your skin is making sure that you get enough snoozes every single night. Sure, there’s fun in occasional partying all night or spending sleepovers just to have Netflix marathon with your friends, but make sure that your skin is able to regenerate for most days by getting a lot of sleep. Not convinced? Sleep in for a few days, and  you’ll see the difference in how you skin feels and looks.

Replace products that don’t match your skin tone.


It’s 2019, honey. You don’t need to look too yellow because your foundation is one shade darker. You don’t have to look like a ghost in flash photos because you use too light concealer. Learn about undertones and find which ones actually match your skin. And this applies to eye shadows, too! If you need to consult an expert on this, then do it! You’ll find that your makeup experience will be so much better, trust us.

Facial mist should be on your daily bag at all times.


The fame of the facial mist isn’t just a hype. It’s effects are proven, so don’t forget to have a facial mist with you wherever you go. After hours of wearing makeup (or even when you’re not wearing makeup), your skin might feel dry and dull. A few spritz of facial mist can rectify that, with its hydrating and refreshing effects that you’d totally love.

Face mists that you should purchase:

Wear SPF every single day.


It’s always great to make the conscious decision to protect your skin by wearing SPF every single day. Yes, you read that right. We aren’t only talking about when the sun is directly above you on a summer day, but also when it’s a cold winter day. It’s always best to add SPF to your skincare routine no matter what season it is. Just find  great SPF that would work for all seasons and would mix in beautifully with your other skincare and makeup products.

SPF you can use daily:

Organize your beauty products.


If you’re a true blue beauty enthusiast or a makeup-lover, or a skincare junkie, you know that it’s easy for your beauty products to create some sort of a clutter everywhere. Your bathroom can look like a total mess after a rushed skincare regimen, or your vanity can look like a storm passed through it after a long makeup session for an important event. Let’s face it, the small tools, makeup pots and pieces, plus different bottles and tubes of skincare products always have the tendency to pile up. In 2019, decide to have a better makeup and skincare organization, so you don’t have to go home to an eyesore every single time. This way, you can also have cleaner products and tools to use!

Organizers you’ll need this year:

Feeling 2019 is gonna be a great year for beauty? We are getting those same vibes, too! But remember to always actively do your part in making 2019 the best year for your skin and beauty.


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