6 Shirts to Get Your Man Street-Ready for 2018

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We’ve always enjoyed browsing through instagram’s search feed and one of the things that would always guarantee our ‘like’ are men in trendy casual street wear. Surprise your man with these street-ready shirts that will get him up and strutting once the clock hits 12 on New Year’s. Here are the fearless forecast for next year translated into different shirts you can snatch right away. Men, if you are also reading this, take note! The Spring and Summer looks for 2018 have already been revealed in runways and it will be a busy year, design-wise.

  1. Valentino White Coordinates Shirt

Valentino White Coordinates Shirt

Price: US$650.00
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Before we jump into all the crazy (but good) stuff, all-white ensembles will be a definite shoe-in for winning style. Get this white cotton poplin shirt from Valentino and have your man pair it with white trousers, white leather pants, or white slim jeans. Have him clean up his basic white sneakers as dirty, smudged ones are a no-no.

  1. COMME DES GARÇONS SHIRT gold detail shirt

COMME DES GARÇONS SHIRT gold detail shirt

Price: US$201.00
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Whether it’s a roof deck party in Soho or walking the streets of Brooklyn, don’t let your man leave without this Comme Des Garcons shirt with gold details. This shirt hits the stealth-wealth niche in all the right ways. No logos, details hinting at luxury, and fabric that drapes well.

  1. Julius Black Twisted Cowl Turtleneck

Julius Black Twisted Cowl Turtleneck

Price: US$415.00
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There will be an obvious emphasis on length next year brought upon by the recent recognition of freedom of gender preference. Your man might start literally dressing up. If he is the adventurous type, check the waters by getting him this long-sleeved cotton blend jersey from Julius. It is understated but edgy enough with raw cuffs and edges, and an asymmetrical cut.

  1. VERSACE sculpture print T-shirt

VERSACE sculpture print T-shirt

Price: US$243.00
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Earthy colors will start popping here and there due to an oncoming 70s revival. Glaring red will be one of the big colors this year, not in splashes and but in big blocks. Get your man this red sculpture print tee from Versace and you won’t have to wait for Valentines’ to get some red-hot lovin’.

  1. VERSACE Triptych print shirt

VERSACE Triptych print shirt

Price: US$854.00
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Baroque baby is one of the trends that will slowly crop up from the yesteryears. Subtly go baroque-twinning with your man in this Triptych print silk polo shirt from Versace. He can go as street as he likes, or get polished for the business when worn with a suit.

  1. SSS World Corp Red & Black Weed Hibiscus Magnum Hawaiian Shirt

SSS World Corp Red & Black Weed Hibiscus Magnum Hawaiian Shirt

Price: US$175.00
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If your man has the personality that can carry a Hawaiian shirt, get him one, stat! Hawaiian shirts are set to break loose this spring and summer. It’s not just the cholos from the hood who’d have the street cred to rock these with shorts or wide-legged denims.

If you can’t decide which pieces to purchase for the significant man in your life, take a peek into his closet. He will surely love your attentiveness once you get him a shirt that fits well with his already established wardrobe. It will also give you a chance to coordinate outfits with him on the low like our favorite A-list couples.

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