5 Minute Skincare Regimen For The Busy and The Lazy


Is your daily routine composed of rushing through the hallways of your apartment, taking your breakfast on the road, putting on sloppy makeup and a lot of dealing with whirlwind of seemingly endless tasks with very minimal breaks throughout the day? Well, we feel you and the struggle of a busy girl.


We understand that on some days, it’s easier to just go straight to bed after a long day just to recharge for another busy day ahead. But even with very little time, you can still care for your skin! Trust us—just spare five minutes of your time and you’ll have a gorgeous skin that can take on any busy day. We know exactly how to deal with minimal time and still attend to your skincare requirements. Is that what you wanted to hear? Well then, let’s go ahead and see this 5-minute (or less!) skincare regimen for the busy…and well, the lazy, too!

Step #1: Cleanse


A very important step to accomplish before you sleep is cleanse your face. Especially when you wore makeup through the day, it’s imperative that you take off all the products in your skin and clean all the dirt and oil as well. For easy makeup removal, use makeup wipes or micellar water to remove the huge chunk of makeup products, then wash your face immediately with foam cleanser and water.

Products you can use:

Step #2: Tone


After cleansing, soothe your skin and boost the hydration process by toning. For this step, it’s not that time-consuming to grab a cotton pad and apply your liquid toner all over your face. But if you think that will take you more time than you could afford, you can find a toner that you can spray directly to your face. That way, only a few seconds get spent for this process.

Products you can use:

Step #3 Moisturize:


Never skip on pumping your skin with moisture, as the lack thereof can bring various skin issues that you would regret. So always reserve portion of your regimen for this step to provide your skin with hydration and nourishment it needs.

Products you can use:

Additional Tips:


If you’ve got time to spare, add more products to your routine! You can gain more benefits from additional products after your use your regular moisturizer. Some of the best products you can use for that purpose are:


Organize your skincare products! Arrange the usual items you use according to the chronology of when you use them. Get them all in your bathroom closet or dresser arranged per step, so it’s easier to grab them one by one without wasting more time.

Use multi-tasking items. This comes in handy especially in the morning, when you can use a moisturizer with SPF, or a spray product that can both serve as toner and moisturizer. Here are some multi-taskers that will save you time:


Stock some products near your bed. In case you can’t help but go straight to bed and you don’t have enough motivation to get up anymore, products that are stocked beside or near your bed can be easily reachable for a quick skincare routine right there on your bed.

Image credits: Pexels, Evening Standard, Elisabetta Pistoni,, Fashionista, The Residents, The G Edit.

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